If you are one of those who have felt the frustration of a broken charger chord, a charger that stops working or searched the house for missing chargers, fret no more. The dawn of wireless charging is here and with it we can finally get rid of the pesky charger. Although still in its inception stage, the wireless charging technology has been in the market for about two years. With every passing month, the technology continues to get better and easier. Based on the past, it can be safely said that very soon, we won’t be seeing smartphones without a wireless charger.

So what is actually wireless charging?

As the name suggests, wireless charging allows you to charge your mobile without wires. Although as they say, “the devil is in the details”, there is a slight catch. Wireless chargers are docks which require to be plugged into a wall socket however the smartphone device does not need to be connected to the dock with a wire.

Place your wireless dock at a convenient location – one time hassle, and every time you place your smartphone device on the dock, it will start charging.

Simple, isn’t it?

Okay, what is the science behind this?

Do you remember the magical thing called conduction that we studied in physics during our school years? Well, don’t sweat; I don’t remember too much about it as well however simply stated, electricity can transfer without physical contact as well. The wireless charging docs conduct electricity to the smart phone device and the battery gets charged.

There is always some complex science behind such technologies and right now there are two protocols being used for wireless charging. They are known as Qi and PMA and while you do not need to know the details of these protocols, before you buy a wireless dock do check that which protocol is compatible with your device.

Still simple, isn’t it?

Is my phone capable of wireless charging?

This is actually a very interesting question and like all answers in life – it comes with a yes and no answer at the same time – depending on the choice of phone that you purchased. The next gen smart phones and tabs released by Samsung (Galaxy S6 onwards), Motorola, Nokia and HTC all come with wireless charging capabilities however in order to be completely safe, do check your telephone manual. Before purchasing the wireless charger, do see the label of the wireless dock and see if your phone’s model is listed on the compatible devices.

Benefits of Wireless Charging:

  • No more pesky chargers – no lost broken cables, missing devices.
  • One time plugging of the dock in the location of your choice
  • A convenient location where you can charge your multiple devices with ease
  • A cool gadget to impress your friends with

Drawbacks of Wireless Charging:

  • Could be slightly costly as you have to buy it additionally unlike chargers that come with the original device.
  • If you are a careless person like me who finds it hard to drop things on your desk, you run the risk of dropping food and other stuff on the charger. That said that risk is there with all the devices including smart phones and your beloved tab.

What is the final verdict on Wireless Chargers in that case?

I would say wireless chargers are the future and you should go for them. These devices will only become more main stream with the passage of time and this is the opportune moment to get used to them. The technology is rapidly improving and becoming cheaper making it easier for people to make the first time purchase.
It can be safely said that once you get used to a wireless charger there will be no going back.
A solid purchase, well worth the money – I would definitely recommend it.