Having a mobile phone these days is like oxygen for many. But that oxygen can easily become poisonous if you do not have the best possible mobile phone contract. Therefore, this article gives you some useful tips not only for the right selection of mobile phone contract but also for deciding whether you need one or not.
First, you need to analyze your current mobile phone usage. Work out the number of minutes you use on average and the text messages you send on a monthly basis. There are three situations. If you consistently exceed the free limit, then you must consider another deal offering greater allowance. It needs cost benefit analysis by considering the factors such as how much the limit is being exceeded or the overall cost of the package you choose. Only after this, you can decide whether an inclusive deal suits you better or pay-as-you-go service. In another case where you constantly do not maximize the stated free limit, then PAYG (Pay As You Go) deal is better for you. Additionally, if you do not want to change your handset, then you can opt for SIM-only deal. Network providers offer different types of packages for text messages and call tariffs. In addition to SMS and calls, you must carefully analyze the mobile internet data requirements. Casually, 500 MB would be enough but in the case that you like online streaming or watching mobile TV, you must need an unlimited internet deal.
If you find mobile phone package or contract of another network provider more attractive, you must consider its coverage in your area first before you proceed. The best way to check coverage is to ask the users of that particular network. Ask people about their experiences and decide accordingly. Additionally, like other people, you may also want a mobile phone or handset operating on 4G. Hence, this is one of the factors you must look out for.
While looking out for a mobile phone, you may find that the latest mobile phones are somehow exorbitant in terms of cost as compared to phones that were released some time back. It is always better to list down the kind of mobile devices you are interested to buy and read reviews. You will be helpless if you end up buying a 12 month contract period or a 24 month contract period and find out that the handset has frustrating idiosyncrasies.
Further, you must also see the operating system being used by the handset. There are many operating systems such as Apple’s OS, Google’s Android, Windows, Blackberry and many more. Each of these has its own benefits and features that might interest you keeping in mind the features and usage you are expected to have
The idea of freebies is in itself so exciting that many people tend overlook. Do not get overwhelmed by the free gifts and see what actually is being offered. Most often, the packages coming with freebies are the ones that considerable have a small number of texts and minutes as observed by McHugh, co-founder of
Longer contract terms are often seen as more economical than smaller ones in terms of cheap monthly payments. There is more than meets the eye. It might be that your requirements and needs change during the period of the contract. Instead of setting the monthly payments as a criteria to decide which contract to choose, approximate how much money you will use throughout the life of the contract. This might give you an idea of how much you necessarily might be willing to spend for how much time.