In today’s age, where one has numerous options to choose from, getting a mobile phone contract for yourself can be a really tiresome and exhausting experience, especially when you don’t know what’s in store for you. With countless companies out there, offering you their best deals in the fanciest way possible, one gets confused as to which company they should opt for. But before you get into a contract, what you must essentially know is what exactly is a mobile phone contract and what privileges come with it and what not.
Contract mobile phones consist of a handset along with different deals on calls, texts and internet packages. A contract phone means that you make monthly payments throughout the duration of the contract for the services offered. The contract duration may vary. Some companies generally offer contracts for 24 months while sometimes they may offer 12 or 18 months contract. Another option is a pay as you go plan that’s only SIM-based, where you don’t sign a contract or pay monthly fees.

Pros of Mobile Phone Contracts

There are many advantages of signing a mobile phone contract that are listed below.

Latest handsets

With mobile phone contract deals, you get the latest Smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, or Sony on a much better and affordable budget as compared to purchasing it outright, especially when one is going through a rather tough financial situation.

Easy on the budget

Since you have to pay the bills monthly, thus you have a schedule set. This makes your budgeting easier. However, terms and conditions do apply. Also, call and text packages offered with contract phones are much cheaper than the ones that come with pay as you go plans.

Reliable service

With contract mobile phone deals, one does not have to worry about running out of credit and missing out on an important call or text. There is no hassle of repeated credit entries and you get your fixed calling plan with fixed minutes, texts and internet connection throughout the contract as long as you keep up with the monthly payments.

Additional perks

Some deals come with added perks such as free or discounted handset if you sign a contract with mobile service provider and more bonuses like that.

Cons of Mobile Phone Contracts

As they say, nothing is perfect; therefore, mobile contract phone also has some disadvantages to them such as:

Binded to one network provider

The thing with mobile phone contracts is that you cannot change your service provider. Once you sign the contract it means that you are bound to the contractor throughout the duration of contract. If you want to switch over to some other network provider which you think provides better facilities, then you have to break the contract and pay a fee to the provider as compensation. These charges are usually quite high.

Difficult to get a plan that fits you perfectly

Since mobile phone contracts come with a fixed number of calling minutes, text messages and data allowances, it is usually hard to find a deal that fits your usage needs perfectly. If the deal is too big for you, you will be paying for lots of phone calls, texts and internet usage you never did every month. If it’s too small, you will be paying extra money every month for crossing the limit set by the plan. These extra payments are quite high and add up real quickly.
Also, you have to make the set payment every month no matter how much you used the services throughout the month. On the other hand, on pay as you go plans, you only pay for what you spend.
Basically, it all comes down to you and your needs as to whether you should sign for a mobile contract phone or not. Examine your needs thoroughly and then go for the option that suits you best.