SIM only contracts are one of the different kinds of deals offered by different network providers these days. They are being sought out a lot these days because they are cheaper and a great means of saving money. Here is all that you need to know about SIM only deals.

What are SIM only contracts?

SIM only plans are handset-less deals where you only get the SIM card from the network provider with the network’s mobile phone services. You have to get your own handset. Also, you don’t have to change your phone number.

Advantages of SIM only contracts

A few advantages that SIM only deals have over mobile phone deals are given below.

Cheap and money saving

SIM only deals are cheaper than the deals that come with handsets and are more economical as compared to them. That means you will have cheaper calling minutes, text messages and data allowances. Also, these deals have higher acceptance rates and your money is saved. They offer way better deals as compared to pay as you go plans.

Flexible and simple

These contracts are probably the simplest and come in the form of most flexible deals. There are no complex terms or conditions involved. You get to use your phone number and existing handset or any of your choice. All you get is a new SIM card that you insert in your handset and avail the services.

No lengthy contracts

Another catch with SIM only deals is that the contract lasts for 30 days. Therefore, you are not bound to the network provider and can change the network whenever you feel like. Some companies do offer contracts lasting up to 12 or 18 months but they have different charges.

Disadvantages of SIM only contracts

Like every other contract deal, SIM only deals have some downsides to them as well.

No handset

The main disadvantage of SIM only deals is that you have to provide your own handset since these deals come without one. Also, you will have to get your phone unlocked before you sign a SIM only deal and that costs a lot.

Use or no use you have to pay the bills

It doesn’t matter how many minutes or texts you have used or not, you have to pay the whole bill throughout the contract regardless of how much of services you have availed.
What you must do is go for the deal that offers a tariff that suits your usage needs best. Keep researching for other SIM only deals and switch whenever you find a better deal than the one you are using.