Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contracts


Having a bad credit rating poses a lot of negative effects on both your personal and professional life, one of them being that you have to face a lot of difficulties while applying for a contract mobile phone. Not just the bad credit customers, even some with good credit crating get rejected much often as the mobile application process in UK continues to get stricter day by day. More and more people are now looking for options where there is no hassle of repeated credit checks involved and you are guaranteed a mobile phone contract.
Mostly, the main reason people get rejected for a mobile phone contract is because of a bad credit rating. Network providers go through your financial history and have made these credit checks necessary because they want to make sure that you would be able to keep up with the monthly payments. Just like when you apply for a credit card or loan, you have to pass a credit check in order to clinch a contract with the network provider. Your credit report basically shows how able are you to afford any deal.
Many popular and trusted lenders in UK such as PhonesForAll offer guaranteed mobile phone contracts regardless of where your credit score stands or how many times you have been rejected before. These lenders don’t carry out any credit checks or demand any confidential financial information online. All they demand is pretty basic information such as what type of contract you are looking for and what your requirements are so that they can find the best deal online that suits your needs. Moreover, their services are free of costs. They don’t charge any kind of hidden fees for any advice or suggestion. All you need to be is a legal UK citizen, 18 years of age and have a valid bank account in order to be eligible to apply.
There are a few things you need to follow if you want to be 100 percent sure that you will be able to clinch a deal. Firstly, do not apply for an expensive, high-end handset, especially with a poor credit. Your chances of acceptance are higher if you apply for cheaper mobile phones. If you want a cheaper yet beneficial deal, go for SIM-only contracts. They come without the handset but they are easier to get and cheaper to afford.
There are a lot of ways through which you can get a contract mobile phone even with bad credit but what you must essentially do is improve your credit score meanwhile. Good Luck!



Having a mobile phone these days is like oxygen for many. But that oxygen can easily become poisonous if you do not have the best possible mobile phone contract. Therefore, this article gives you some useful tips not only for the right selection of mobile phone contract but also for deciding whether you need one or not.
First, you need to analyze your current mobile phone usage. Work out the number of minutes you use on average and the text messages you send on a monthly basis. There are three situations. If you consistently exceed the free limit, then you must consider another deal offering greater allowance. It needs cost benefit analysis by considering the factors such as how much the limit is being exceeded or the overall cost of the package you choose. Only after this, you can decide whether an inclusive deal suits you better or pay-as-you-go service. In another case where you constantly do not maximize the stated free limit, then PAYG (Pay As You Go) deal is better for you. Additionally, if you do not want to change your handset, then you can opt for SIM-only deal. Network providers offer different types of packages for text messages and call tariffs. In addition to SMS and calls, you must carefully analyze the mobile internet data requirements. Casually, 500 MB would be enough but in the case that you like online streaming or watching mobile TV, you must need an unlimited internet deal.
If you find mobile phone package or contract of another network provider more attractive, you must consider its coverage in your area first before you proceed. The best way to check coverage is to ask the users of that particular network. Ask people about their experiences and decide accordingly. Additionally, like other people, you may also want a mobile phone or handset operating on 4G. Hence, this is one of the factors you must look out for.
While looking out for a mobile phone, you may find that the latest mobile phones are somehow exorbitant in terms of cost as compared to phones that were released some time back. It is always better to list down the kind of mobile devices you are interested to buy and read reviews. You will be helpless if you end up buying a 12 month contract period or a 24 month contract period and find out that the handset has frustrating idiosyncrasies.
Further, you must also see the operating system being used by the handset. There are many operating systems such as Apple’s OS, Google’s Android, Windows, Blackberry and many more. Each of these has its own benefits and features that might interest you keeping in mind the features and usage you are expected to have
The idea of freebies is in itself so exciting that many people tend overlook. Do not get overwhelmed by the free gifts and see what actually is being offered. Most often, the packages coming with freebies are the ones that considerable have a small number of texts and minutes as observed by McHugh, co-founder of
Longer contract terms are often seen as more economical than smaller ones in terms of cheap monthly payments. There is more than meets the eye. It might be that your requirements and needs change during the period of the contract. Instead of setting the monthly payments as a criteria to decide which contract to choose, approximate how much money you will use throughout the life of the contract. This might give you an idea of how much you necessarily might be willing to spend for how much time.



SIM only contracts are one of the different kinds of deals offered by different network providers these days. They are being sought out a lot these days because they are cheaper and a great means of saving money. Here is all that you need to know about SIM only deals.

What are SIM only contracts?

SIM only plans are handset-less deals where you only get the SIM card from the network provider with the network’s mobile phone services. You have to get your own handset. Also, you don’t have to change your phone number.

Advantages of SIM only contracts

A few advantages that SIM only deals have over mobile phone deals are given below.

Cheap and money saving

SIM only deals are cheaper than the deals that come with handsets and are more economical as compared to them. That means you will have cheaper calling minutes, text messages and data allowances. Also, these deals have higher acceptance rates and your money is saved. They offer way better deals as compared to pay as you go plans.

Flexible and simple

These contracts are probably the simplest and come in the form of most flexible deals. There are no complex terms or conditions involved. You get to use your phone number and existing handset or any of your choice. All you get is a new SIM card that you insert in your handset and avail the services.

No lengthy contracts

Another catch with SIM only deals is that the contract lasts for 30 days. Therefore, you are not bound to the network provider and can change the network whenever you feel like. Some companies do offer contracts lasting up to 12 or 18 months but they have different charges.

Disadvantages of SIM only contracts

Like every other contract deal, SIM only deals have some downsides to them as well.

No handset

The main disadvantage of SIM only deals is that you have to provide your own handset since these deals come without one. Also, you will have to get your phone unlocked before you sign a SIM only deal and that costs a lot.

Use or no use you have to pay the bills

It doesn’t matter how many minutes or texts you have used or not, you have to pay the whole bill throughout the contract regardless of how much of services you have availed.
What you must do is go for the deal that offers a tariff that suits your usage needs best. Keep researching for other SIM only deals and switch whenever you find a better deal than the one you are using.



If you are one of those who have felt the frustration of a broken charger chord, a charger that stops working or searched the house for missing chargers, fret no more. The dawn of wireless charging is here and with it we can finally get rid of the pesky charger. Although still in its inception stage, the wireless charging technology has been in the market for about two years. With every passing month, the technology continues to get better and easier. Based on the past, it can be safely said that very soon, we won’t be seeing smartphones without a wireless charger.

So what is actually wireless charging?

As the name suggests, wireless charging allows you to charge your mobile without wires. Although as they say, “the devil is in the details”, there is a slight catch. Wireless chargers are docks which require to be plugged into a wall socket however the smartphone device does not need to be connected to the dock with a wire.

Place your wireless dock at a convenient location – one time hassle, and every time you place your smartphone device on the dock, it will start charging.

Simple, isn’t it?

Okay, what is the science behind this?

Do you remember the magical thing called conduction that we studied in physics during our school years? Well, don’t sweat; I don’t remember too much about it as well however simply stated, electricity can transfer without physical contact as well. The wireless charging docs conduct electricity to the smart phone device and the battery gets charged.

There is always some complex science behind such technologies and right now there are two protocols being used for wireless charging. They are known as Qi and PMA and while you do not need to know the details of these protocols, before you buy a wireless dock do check that which protocol is compatible with your device.

Still simple, isn’t it?

Is my phone capable of wireless charging?

This is actually a very interesting question and like all answers in life – it comes with a yes and no answer at the same time – depending on the choice of phone that you purchased. The next gen smart phones and tabs released by Samsung (Galaxy S6 onwards), Motorola, Nokia and HTC all come with wireless charging capabilities however in order to be completely safe, do check your telephone manual. Before purchasing the wireless charger, do see the label of the wireless dock and see if your phone’s model is listed on the compatible devices.

Benefits of Wireless Charging:

  • No more pesky chargers – no lost broken cables, missing devices.
  • One time plugging of the dock in the location of your choice
  • A convenient location where you can charge your multiple devices with ease
  • A cool gadget to impress your friends with

Drawbacks of Wireless Charging:

  • Could be slightly costly as you have to buy it additionally unlike chargers that come with the original device.
  • If you are a careless person like me who finds it hard to drop things on your desk, you run the risk of dropping food and other stuff on the charger. That said that risk is there with all the devices including smart phones and your beloved tab.

What is the final verdict on Wireless Chargers in that case?

I would say wireless chargers are the future and you should go for them. These devices will only become more main stream with the passage of time and this is the opportune moment to get used to them. The technology is rapidly improving and becoming cheaper making it easier for people to make the first time purchase.
It can be safely said that once you get used to a wireless charger there will be no going back.
A solid purchase, well worth the money – I would definitely recommend it.



In today’s age, where one has numerous options to choose from, getting a mobile phone contract for yourself can be a really tiresome and exhausting experience, especially when you don’t know what’s in store for you. With countless companies out there, offering you their best deals in the fanciest way possible, one gets confused as to which company they should opt for. But before you get into a contract, what you must essentially know is what exactly is a mobile phone contract and what privileges come with it and what not.
Contract mobile phones consist of a handset along with different deals on calls, texts and internet packages. A contract phone means that you make monthly payments throughout the duration of the contract for the services offered. The contract duration may vary. Some companies generally offer contracts for 24 months while sometimes they may offer 12 or 18 months contract. Another option is a pay as you go plan that’s only SIM-based, where you don’t sign a contract or pay monthly fees.

Pros of Mobile Phone Contracts

There are many advantages of signing a mobile phone contract that are listed below.

Latest handsets

With mobile phone contract deals, you get the latest Smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, or Sony on a much better and affordable budget as compared to purchasing it outright, especially when one is going through a rather tough financial situation.

Easy on the budget

Since you have to pay the bills monthly, thus you have a schedule set. This makes your budgeting easier. However, terms and conditions do apply. Also, call and text packages offered with contract phones are much cheaper than the ones that come with pay as you go plans.

Reliable service

With contract mobile phone deals, one does not have to worry about running out of credit and missing out on an important call or text. There is no hassle of repeated credit entries and you get your fixed calling plan with fixed minutes, texts and internet connection throughout the contract as long as you keep up with the monthly payments.

Additional perks

Some deals come with added perks such as free or discounted handset if you sign a contract with mobile service provider and more bonuses like that.

Cons of Mobile Phone Contracts

As they say, nothing is perfect; therefore, mobile contract phone also has some disadvantages to them such as:

Binded to one network provider

The thing with mobile phone contracts is that you cannot change your service provider. Once you sign the contract it means that you are bound to the contractor throughout the duration of contract. If you want to switch over to some other network provider which you think provides better facilities, then you have to break the contract and pay a fee to the provider as compensation. These charges are usually quite high.

Difficult to get a plan that fits you perfectly

Since mobile phone contracts come with a fixed number of calling minutes, text messages and data allowances, it is usually hard to find a deal that fits your usage needs perfectly. If the deal is too big for you, you will be paying for lots of phone calls, texts and internet usage you never did every month. If it’s too small, you will be paying extra money every month for crossing the limit set by the plan. These extra payments are quite high and add up real quickly.
Also, you have to make the set payment every month no matter how much you used the services throughout the month. On the other hand, on pay as you go plans, you only pay for what you spend.
Basically, it all comes down to you and your needs as to whether you should sign for a mobile contract phone or not. Examine your needs thoroughly and then go for the option that suits you best.